Why Indie Lane?

The Indie Lane crew ‘get’ people. They are switched on and perceptive. Like a laugh. They will understand what you’re after, and it will show in the photos they produce.
Each wedding is unique, we are equally inspired by you,your stories and the people you surround yourself with.  We want to make an impact on your expectations of the memories and photographs that you will have after your big fun party.
Tapping into your wedding day dream without being obtrusive or controlling is Indie Lane’s forte. Their easy, outgoing style will inject the calm you need, both in the lead up to your wedding and on the big day.

Donna – Head Honcho

Melbourne wedding photographer Donna Nugent likes to have a good time behind the camera. She’s professional and enthusiastic, and loves creating photos to tell stories.
You know that feeling you get when things just fall into place? Huge tasks seem more manageable, and the big picture becomes clearer. Donna is an expert at making you feel at ease so that you can be in the moment and enjoy yourself.

Along the Lane

As a go-getting gal from country Victoria, Donna spent several years travelling Europe. Upon returning to Melbourne, she studied and worked in the photography industry for five years, assisting and working for some of Melbourne’s leading studios.
Never content to just sit and watch the world go by, Donna decided to channel her love of cheeky, spontaneous photography into its own distinctive brand – Indie Lane.

Let’s get together

Indie Lane loves to meet couples to chat about what you want to get out of your wedding day, from a visual perspective.
We know you’ve got lots going on, with a gazillion boxes to tick, that’s why we go out of our way to make each meeting enjoyable and relaxed.
Indie Lane is likely your perfect match if you’re a couple who:

  • laugh often
  • are adventourous
  • have a cheeky side
  • want to have your big day captured in a fun, non-commercial way

If Indie Lane sounds like the wedding photography for you, please contact Donna at Indie Lane on 0400 815 182 or email hello@indielane.com.au. We’d love to hear from you.